About ROA

Through learning fine arts, whether it’s music, dance, art, language, or crafts, we all can expand our perspective and mental abilities.It takes patience to learn an instrument, dedication to master ballet, creativity to conceptualize on a canvas.
Online fine arts courses let us tap into this charted territory and help us develop skills that can help many aspects of our life, from personal to our friends. 
ROA devoted to creating a happy, safe, and trusted learning environment so that our learners can develop their skills online with experienced instructors.

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Words We Believe

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

— Walt Disney

Frequently asked questions

Where to start at ROA as a student or a parent?

If you would like to try out the lesson, you can purchase the single lesson at the "Shop Courses" tab. If you've enjoyed your lesson, ROA offers unlimited lessons monthly for our learners. You can un-subscribe the lesson at anytime on your account. 

What's Payment Methods Are Accepted?

ROA accepts major credit cards and PayPal for the payment via our shop courses page. You will receive confirmation email for each transaction. The ROA doesn't save customer's CC information, the credit card payment via Wix is handled with Stripe or PayPal. The customer will be requested to be a member to make a payment with the credit card based on the Wix payment system.

How to Start the Lesson?

ROA lessons are instructed live via Zoom, you'll get a confirmation email from ROA with your lesson information and Zoom meeting ID and Link. Sometimes, the instructor will also send you an email with Zoom Passcode within 48 hrs after your purchase. Please prepare with supplies bought before the start of the lessons. On the lesson day, you just need to download the Zoom app to your smart device, click start the meeting at your aROA account .
Please feel free to contact support@renaissanceonlineatelierteam.com at any time if you need a help for finding Zoom meeting link/ID for your lesson.  

How Could I Choose The Course?

We offer a number of different learning paths, which you are invited to read and choose the one that better meets your needs. Either just pre-recorded lessons or plus live sessions.  However if you need any advice or clarifications, we are at your disposal at any time.

What's Refund Policy? 

It's important to us that everyone has a positive experience learning with ROA.

Students can ask for a full refund on the following situation. Please contact us at support@renaissanceonlineatelierteam.com if you need any help with a full refund for the following reasons:

  • Students receive a full refund if they withdraw from a class or stop the subscription within 48 hours after the purchase.
  • Students receive a full refund if they didn't receive the instructor's confirmation email with the Zoom meeting ID and link before the scheduled live session.
  • Students receive a full refund if the teacher cancels the lesson. In the event that a teacher misses a one-time class meeting, you can request a full refund, or wait for the teacher to reschedule a class.

Other reasons:

  • Cancellation due to the Instructor's Technique Issues.
  • Instructor didn't show up for the lesson.
  • Instructor is not responding to learners questions or concerns. 
  • Dis-satisfying the lesson due to the instructor's unprofessional behavior. 

Prorated Refunds for consecutive lessons:

A prorated refund based on the number of meetings that were rescheduled and that you did not attend. If the teacher doesn’t teach the number of meetings listed, you will receive a prorated refund upon request. If the teacher cancels a class in progress, you will receive a prorated refund based on the percentage of meetings you paid for that were canceled.

No refund will be issued if students cancel/miss the lesson for personal reasons. However, you're welcome to contact your instructor for the possibility of scheduling a make up lesson. 

How many students in the class? 

Each live session can be scheduled individually as one on one lesson. 

If the instructor open the live session for a small group. We've set up each class size only from 2 to 10. Maximum enrollment for each class is 10 students.

Due to some special circumstances, you'll get a full refund if the instructor is not available for a single enrollment.