What's advantage of Parents at ROA?

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Online learning brings new possibilities to K-12 education: individualization for a wide variety of learning styles and special needs; flexibility in scheduling and location; and access to learning opportunities that may be limited in the traditional classroom due to funding, geography or a lack of highly qualified teachers at local schools.

Because it is delivered via the Internet, online learning enables the curriculum, the classroom and the teacher to meet the student when he or she is ready to learn. It also provides an alternative for students and families who prefer the online environment for myriad personal reasons.

Students of all ability levels can use online courses to explore varied interests, accelerate their learning and explore challenging material at their own pace.

Special-needs students can have lessons tailored to their strengths and take as much time as they need to master the content, and academically gifted learners can dig into subjects about which they are passionate with as much depth and intensity as they can muster.

Parents benefit as well when their children learn online. Online learning allows access to coursework and assignments at any time, so parents can follow their child’s progress and provide encouragement and motivation as needed, whether the child is taking one course or a full schedule online. Virtual schooling adds flexibility to the family’s schedule and allows parents to spend more time with their children and participate actively in their education. Physical schools and traditional school districts are also benefiting from online learning.