How does ROA work? 

You can take life enriching classes in the arts from the safety of home. 

Lesson start at $10

We offer interactive online courses in painting, drawing, dancing, crafts, language, and more! 

Enjoy various art classes  and allow your creativity to burst forth!  

Your first lesson is on us!  Promo Code: FREETRIAL

20% off for the rest of the lessons. Promo Code: 2021Resolution

Who are we at ROA? 

We are a group of passionate instructors and artists that believe in the insurmountable benefits of teaching and learning fine arts. We want our classes to be available to anyone with the desire to learn and know that education should be affordable!

Through learning fine arts, whether it’s music, dance, art, language, or crafts, we all can expand our perspective and mental abilities. 


It takes patience to learn an instrument, dedication to master ballet, creativity to conceptualize on a canvas. Online fine arts courses let us tap into this charted territory and help us develop skills that can help many aspects of our life, from personal to our friends. 


ROA offers not only education but the chance to make life-long friendships in a community that promotes individuality.



Each lesson is conducted live so you can ask questions and take part in the lesson. 


ROA also offers pre-recorded lessons to our students, which can be repeated to hone the skill or fly past the ones you already know.


Tap into talents you never knew you had with help from professional instructors who offer patience and expertise in their field.


Learning fine arts online helps you discover and develop your true talent.


Our child-friendly, professional instructors lead all our variety of fine art courses in the safety of your home over trusted video chat services. 

ROA is devoted to creating a happy, safe, and trusted learning environment so that our learners can develop their skills online with experienced instructors. 


Our small group lessons and step-by-step instructions help guide you learn your own path of artistic freedom and discovery.


We provide the tools and directions to lead, but always give you freedom for your creativity and expression.

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